Anonymous: Hohoho~ How has your day been? xoxo

It’s been okay, I would say I’m not really into a happy mood these days but I’ve been content, I guess. Cause I haven’t been upset in a while cause I chose not to care anymore. IDK KNOW MAN~ the feels, they’re confusing. #angstypersonisangsty. LOLSORRY 

TLDR; It’s been okay.

Anonymous: Hohoho!~ I am your Secret Santa! The next 24 days you will get a cute message from me! :3 I hope you have a wonderfull day! Stay sharp! :3

why hello hello there. looking forward to all your messages. this is gonna be fuuun. :)) i hope you have a wonderful day too~~~



Presenting... aoishiki's and bakasaurs' Secret Santa Event!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year everyone. Hallelujah. I figured that since I had so much fun with the secret santa I participated in last year, I wanted to host one this year and with my dear friend, Sunny. Now, let me please explain the rules and what not: 
Who can participate?

To keep this post at a relatively manageable amount of notes, this secret santa will be targeted at Asian themed blogs only. Your blog can be color, monochrome, or both. If you post anything related to Asia then you are qualified to participate in this event. For example, asian-themed photography, anime, kpop, kfashion, and really anything else that relates to Asia. Porn/nsfw blogs will not be able to participate. That’s a no-no. 

How can we participate in this event?

If you qualify then all you need to do is reblog this post. You can like the post for reference but it will not be counted. Please do not delete the text. If you have disabled captions on your blog then the text will not appear and only the picture will. Deadline is December 4th, 11:59 pm MST. If you want to know what time that is according to your time zone, here’s a time converter if you need it - click on time zones, fill out yours first for the first location, and select MST - Mountain Time Zone (North America) → Edmonton for Location 2. I created a deadline because 1) to keep it at a manageable amount of notes and 2) we want to give everyone 20 days to send messages to their secret santa (← this will be explained further as you read on).

What do I do now after I have reblogged the post?

After you have reblogged the post, we kindly ask you to please wait patiently for one of us to message you your secret santa person. You’ll either get a message from me or her. It’s going to take us some time to match up everyone and keep in mind that tumblr has an ask limit so please be patient >.< We should have everyone paired up by December 5th or the 6th. Make sure your ask is enabled so that we can message you and so that your secret santa can message you as well!

I got my secret santa! What do I do now?

Now the fun starts! ^^ For 20 days, your job is to send nice messages, anonymously, to the person that one of us has set you up with. Ask them how their day went, what’s on their mind, be their friend, tell them jokes, and just smother them with love and kindness ♥ It’s critical that you remember to keep yourself on anon for the 20 days because it’ll be poopy for your person if you reveal yourself by accident :/ You will also receive anon messages from your secret santa because Sunny and I will make sure that everyone has a secret santa to send messages to and also have someone send you nice messages as well. On December 24th or 25th (depending on the time zone your secret santa goes by), you will then reveal yourself to that person and wish them a merry Christmas! Perhaps you’ll make a new friend :) 

Brief summary of the rules:
Just in case you missed some of the rules, I’ll summarize them here.
You do not have to be following us. This is open for everyone regardless if you’re following either of us or not. 
No porn/nsfw blogs
Blog must be asian-themed (photography, kpop, anime, fashion, doesn’t matter as long it’s asian related)
Participants’ blogs can be color, monochrome, or both
Deadline is December 4th MST time
Keep your anon option on so that your secret santa can talk to you
Be nice. Treat whoever you get with respect even if it’s someone you don’t like. If you really have a problem and you want to act like a whiny brat, then message one of us and we’ll figure something out. 
Reveal yourself, off anon of course, on December 24th or 25th
If you haven’t received an ask from either of us by December 7th, please message us! 
Most importantly, have fun! :D
Alright. That's about it! If you have any questions please contact me or Sunny. Track the tag a&b: secret santa event for any updates or questions that may have been already answered! Have a very, merry holiday everyone! ☃ Photo credits @ ask-inpiniteu ^^